Impotence in diabetes is not a sentence!

To date, diabetes has affected 7% of the world’s people, according to the WHO. Men suffer from it more often than women because they are more careless about their lifestyle. The disease always leaves its mark on the well-being and work of the body, including the reproductive system. Is there always impotence with diabetes, what can a man with such a diagnosis expect?

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  1. Why diabetes affects potency
  2. Causes of Sexual Weakness
  3. Diabetes diagnosis
  4. Diabetes is divided into two types:
  5. How is testosterone related to diabetes?
  6. What is strictly forbidden to diabetics
  7. How can an erection in male diabetics be strengthened?
  8. Treatment of erectile dysfunction in diabetes

Why diabetes affects potency

In a healthy body, sexual intercourse occurs according to a clear algorithm:

  • There is an excitation pulse in the brain.
  • The nervous system leads him to the right organs.
  • Blood fills the cavernous bodies of the penis.
  • Its drain is blocked.
  • The stimulation of the nerve endings leads to ejaculation.
  • Blood flows from the penis.

A man is only capable of normal intercourse under all circumstances. His erection will be strong during intercourse. If at least one stage is violated, the mechanism fails, erectile dysfunction occurs.

Diabetes causes pathologies in the body and disrupts the systems involved in sexual contact.

Causes of Sexual Weakness

Diabetes depends on genetic predisposition. The first type is recessive, the second is dominant. However, lifestyle, bad habits, physical inactivity and stress play an important role in the “onset” of diabetes. The disease “hits” on many fronts, making it difficult to maintain effectiveness:

Diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes and potency are poorly combined. Often a man who notices problems in the genital area goes to the doctor and only at the same time it turns out that he has this disease.

The disease can develop over time without experiencing symptoms. The patients themselves can ignore the signals given by the body and assign them to something other than the actual reason. It may be:

  • Abrupt weight gain or weight loss.
  • Constant thirst.
  • Dry mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, genitals.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Visual impairment.
  • Drowsiness, constant weakness.

In order to prevent diabetes mellitus from developing into a complex form that requires constant insulin intake, one must learn how to control the disease. The latest drug, Insumed, helps to get rid of diabetes “at the cellular level”: The drug restores insulin production (which is impaired in type 2 diabetes) and regulates the synthesis of this hormone (which is important for type 1 diabetes) .

All components of the preparation are made on the basis of plant materials using biosynthesis technology and are related to the human body. They are well absorbed by cells and tissues because they are amino acids that make up cell structures.

Capsule components Insumed normalize insulin production and regulate blood sugar.

Detailed information on this drug can be found in the medical journal If you want to buy Insumed at a discount then go to the manufacturer’s official website.

Diabetes is divided into two types:

  • It occurs spontaneously and quickly. The symptoms are pronounced.
  • It’s more common in children, teenagers, and teenagers. Caused by a lack of insulin in the body.

It develops slowly and affects men (women) of a more mature age. In this case, the body produces a sufficient amount of insulin, but the work of the cells is disturbed. You cannot “use” it. The disease is symptomatic or mild for a long time.